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Death Race 2018: Rise of the Machines

Elaine Herzberg has the dubious distinction of being the first pedestrian killed by an autonomously-driven Uber vehicle which was undergoing tests in Tempe, AZ. Apparently Herzberg was in the process of crossing a busy street while walking her bicycle when … Continue reading

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Uber’s Continued Decline: Tipping

Q: What did the leper say to the prostitute? A: Keep the tip. I consider myself a decent tipper at restaurants and bars, driven in part by a desire to reward good service and compensate staff I encounter regularly, but … Continue reading

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Where’s Alex Jones on Alexandria?

Okay, but what about the baseball shooting hoax? Should we expect Alex Jones and his conspiracy website Infowars to call bullshit on the recent alleged shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia last week? The one in which … Continue reading

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Uber Uber Alles

Some lovely vacation, summer doldrums and focus on completing a screenplay has kept me away from the blog scene for over a month. I’ve had numerous topics to bloviate about but simply no time, and in fact, no motivation. But … Continue reading

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Breaking the Brokers

As a harbinger of the turmoil to come in the music publishing industry, a ragtag service called Napster caught the imaginations of musicians and their fans, the record industry and not a few lawyers. A friend who was both a … Continue reading

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